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Online Auctions

We know auctions! With over 1,250 online auctions under our belts, SoldOnline is known for its sales success. The platform has everything you and your agent need to maximise your property’s value.

Online Convenience
Powerful Tools
Maximum Flexibility
Realtime Data Intelligence

All the tools you need for succesful auctions

Easy Registration

Easy registration

Your agent can assist bidders to register easily, ensuring you have a ready-to-go audience and engaged prospects. You’ll have an intimate understanding of what the market is looking for, specific enquiries about your property and feedback on levels of interest. Your bidders are able to register themselves too with just a simple approval from you or your agent!

Simple Management

Simple management

With a SoldOnline auction, your agent can collect all necessary documents (inspection reports, contracts etc) all in one central location, saving time and money. You’ll feel secure knowing that the process is streamlined and your agent has all the tools they need for successful management.

Sound & Secure

Sound & secure

Your auction will take place in a secure digitised environment. You can easily access an audit trail that stores all the online auction records for future reference. SoldOnline online auctions represent a level of security for your prospective buyers that will encourage healthy bidding.

Simple Listings

Simple listings

You can upload property details in a few easy steps. Our branding kit will help your agent maximise your potential audience and marketing campaign. Via our online dashboard, you and your agent can amend property details in a matter of moments. Pricing, auction timelines and communications are all within easy reach.



To increase the potential for success, you’ll enjoy the levels of flexibility our platform provides. Your agent is given the unique position to manage notifications to registered bidders, encourage higher rates of registration and even change the format of your property sale. With your approval, your agent can switch formats from private treaty to auction and vice versa at the flick of a switch.

Intelligent Dashboard

Intelligent dashboard

Imagine giving your agent access to bidder information, auction movements, essential documentation all in one location. The SoldOnline dashboard represents a higher level of management ability than ever before. You and your agent will receive up to date notifications and be able to set updates to nurture the sale process. Best of all, you’ll be able to view the way your agent is working to deliver a great sales outcome.

Selling a subdivision of land or multiple units?

Selling a subdivision of land or multiple units?

Our newly added unique Portfolio Sales Process is perfect. If you have multiple properties that would be of interest to multiple buyers, you can now list them in a portfolio. This means buyers only need to register once.


We firmly believe vendor’s want three things when it comes to selling their property : the most amount of money, in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of stress. We cover all these aspects in one secure place!

Our platform is completely transparent and inclusive with the opportunity for bidders to bid anywhere at any time in the world with a more seamless and sophisticated solution.

Any changes made to the property or contract before the auction commences will be prominently displayed on the website prior to the start of the auction.

The Starting Bid is a figure that is set by the Real Estate agent in consultation with the owners, to begin the auction. It is determined as a figure below which it would not be in the best interests of the vendor to accept.

(e) The auctioneer may refuse to accept any bid that, in the auctioneer’s opinion, is not in the best interests of the seller.) *Refer to PRESCRIBED CONDITIONS OF SALE BY AUCTION Property, Stock & Business Agents Act (NSW) 2002, Part 6, s.77 and Regulation 2003 & 2007.

This is not a vendor bid.

YES. On the rare occasion that no bidders register for a property auction, the agent and the vendor may elect to push the property auction to a future date at no additional cost to the vendor.

YES. Under the legislation, the vendor has the right to make one bid through their nominated representative. If the vendor bid is made, it will be clearly displayed on the property page as a ‘Vendor Bid’.

It is possible but rare for changes to be made to property details OR the contract for sale of land, during the process of an Auction. In this event the auction will be suspended, the change made and notified to all bidders and the auction recommenced at a time convenient to all. This will be handled by the nominated agent.

The vendor may withdraw the property from sale at any time, but only prior to the fall of the virtual hammer.

Vendors and bidders are able to communicate with the real estate agent at any time during the auction process, and we would encourage this communication. Our system provides a longer period for people to seek advice from their agents and any other advisors. We do have a designated chat feature for bidders and vendors to communicate directly with the agent.

Co-Owners are permitted to bid on a property but the agents must notify all other registered bidders that this could take place and inform the other bidders what the bidder number is of the co-owner.

One of the unique features of SoldOnline is the pre-auction offer facility. If this function is switched on, buyers can put forward an offer and any conditions attached to that offer through our platform. If an offer is accepted before the auction starts, the property is marked “Sold Prior to Auction”.

SoldOnline has developed a “Private Treaty” platform where offers can be made by interested parties. Your property will be published with a “Minimum Suggested Offer” price and the preferred sales conditions such as settlement period and required deposit amount. We have a gauge that shows buyers how strong their offer is, and all offers are ranked by SoldOnline. We offer an extremely affordable process to ensure offers and any conditions attached to those offers are in writing, understood completely and handled professionally.