A new addition to the Adelaide Real Estate Sales Market - Online Property Auctions

Over recent years, Adelaide has been well noted for its relatively even real estate market. According to Real Estate Institute of South Australia President Brett Roenfeldt, Adelaide traditionally offers slow and steady house price growth.

For 2020 and beyond, analysts believe that this trend is set to continue, although they hold varying opinions on the rates to which this growth will manifest. An area that they do agree on however, is that the way we sell property is primed for change and tools like online property auctions are set to be a part of this movement.

online property auctions adelaide

Founder of SoldOnline, David Scholes created this platform following over 30 years as an award winning Australian auctioneer. During this time he averaged over 1000 auctions per year across the country! The platform reflects the increasing movements to online real estate purchasing and the need to cast the net wide for bidders from all corners of the globe. He designed SoldOnline as an addition to the real estate agent’s offering, alongside traditional onsite auctions, private treaties and other sales mechanisms. The online real estate auction platform includes commercial, rural, industrial and residential online property auctions.

SoldOnline’s portal is simple to use, effective and a transparent way to sell real estate.

Making a difference in the Adelaide real estate market - Online Property Auctions

Real estate agents in South Australia’s capital city are adding online real estate property auctions to their suite of offerings, providing their vendors a competitive edge. The SoldOnline platform gives them a significant point of difference as well as the ability to amplify reach for their vendors.

As with all of our capital cities, Adelaide real estate agents operate in a relatively crowded industry. A point of difference to the offering of other real estate agents is key to remaining competitive. The inclusion of online real estate auctions in your suite of tools shows your vendors that you are keeping ahead of the game.

By choosing to list properties with SoldOnline, you are giving your vendors a well managed, secure, transparent and effective way to realise the maximum sales potential for their property.

Adelaide online property auctions have proven successful

SoldOnline has completed many successful online auctions in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors with over 950 listed online property auctions.

Vendors are enjoying the increased reach that online property auctions represent. In many cases, SoldOnline properties in the Adelaide market have sold well above reserve and attracted engaged bidders internationally.

Particularly in the hotly profiled northern and southern suburbs of Adelaide, the online property auction model sets a property apart from comparison.

Transparent and professionally managed - SoldOnline is ideal for Adelaide

The benefits of online real estate property auctions are unprecedented in the Adelaide real estate market. Each weekend dozens of properties are auctioned via traditional onsite auctions in the city, sometimes seeing buyers having to choose between the auctions they attend. SoldOnline removes this issue.

This is a significant benefit, allowing bidders to be anywhere in the world during the online property auction.

In addition to this, most onsite auctions take less than 10 minutes. In contrast, SoldOnline property auctions are conducted over a few days. This extra time allows bidders to bid in their own time zone and spend time finalising due diligence, deferring to advisors or confirming additional financing they may require.

SoldOnline property auctions are overseen by one of professional auctioneers, such as David. These auctioneers meter the process, can apply different incremental bidding amounts and assist in the negotiation with prospective buyers. In fact, everything that they do during onsite real estate auctions!

An end-to-end managed online real estate auction

From end to end, the SoldOnline approach ensures that vendors, agents and bidders are completely comfortable, secure and relaxed about the online property auction process. Each bidder is registered online through the SoldOnline portal and the bidding is transparent and well metered by our auctioneers.

In the Adelaide real estate market the onsite auction model shows steady results, but limits access to only those buyers who can be at one place at one time. The ability to take your property auction online is a clever way to open up a property to bidders who are already savvily looking online as part of the property acquisition process. The opportunity to allow bidders to take part from wherever they are in the world increases vendors’ access to maximum sales prices and produces a savvy profile for real estate agents.