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From wherever you are, you’ll have access to a personalised dashboard, intelligent bidding tools and a wealth of information. Welcome to the clever way to purchase property online.

Online Convenience
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All the tools you need for succesful auctions

Easy Registration

Easy registration

SoldOnline makes it simple for you to register. In a few easy steps you can upload all of your critical information (identification etc) within moments. The vendor’s agent will be notified and can approve your registration in the press of a button.

Clear Communication

Clear communication

With a SoldOnline auction, you can access all necessary documents (inspection reports, contracts etc) from one central location at your convenience. All of your communication with the vendor’s agent can be done through the portal, keeping track of details, requests and pre-auction offers too.

Sound & Secure

Sound & secure bidding

The auction will take place in a secure digitised environment. SoldOnline online auctions represent the highest levels of security as you can see vendor bids clearly, watch bids in real time and know that a professional and experienced auctioneer is controlling the process.

Intuitive Countdowns

Intuitive countdowns

It's great to know you have time to make decisions and will never be forced to rush. In our "Final Call" stage which is during the last 3 minutes of an auction, when a bid is made, the countdown clock resets to another 3 minutes. You will be alerted by SMS when significant events occur so you can be multi-tasking and know you won't miss out.

A personalised profile

Your bidding profile

It is a requirement by law that you provide all necessary information to the vendors agent before you can bid at auction but once that is done, you remain completely anonymous. When you make a bid, it is only the bidder number you chose that appears on our site. You cannot be approached by other bidders or the property owner and you can rely upon our platform alerts to keep you in control.

Intelligent Dashboard

Highest bidder benefits

With traditional auctions, you may not know when a vendor bid is exercised, when the reserve is met or have the ability to negotiate as the highest bidder when the reserve has not been reached.
SoldOnline’s auction system means that, in the event a reserve has not been met and you are the highest bidder, you’ll have 60 minutes to negotiate directly with the vendor or vendor’s agent and you will be shown the reserve exclusively and immediately.


NO. All financial transactions including the payment of the deposit are completed outside of the SoldOnline platform.

Registering as a bidder is a requirement of the SoldOnline property auction platform. Simply let the agent know you want to bid and they will email and SMS a link for you to complete your registration. Everything is done online.


NO. All property transactions in Australia are conducted using the Australian dollar as the currency.

YES. Again, this is governed by the usual laws and regulations. If the buyer’s agent has the requisite authority from the buyer, they may bid on your behalf. They will need to register as the bidder and identify themselves with SoldOnline.

YES. If the reserve is reached, that means the highest bidder is deemed the purchaser at the fall of the virtual hammer. If the reserve is not reached, we reward the highest bidder with exclusive negotiating rights.

YES. A great advantage with is that you can bid at anytime from anywhere. If you register to bid on a property and provide the requisite proof of identity, you could be anywhere in the world. Our bidding platform is smart device compatible too.

Your security is our utmost priority. We never share your details with anyone else and you create your own personal identification number (PIN). For more details on your security, you can access our privacy policy from any page of the website.

A bid must be given in good faith but there is the opportunity to retract a bid on our platform. However, if a bid is retracted, the bidder will be blocked from any further participation during that auction.

At any time during the auction process, you can consult your financial advisor to reassess whether a property is within your reach and what your final limit is. The wonderful thing about our extended bidding time is that it could mean the difference between owning your dream property or missing out.

When the auction process is complete and you are the successful purchaser, you will need to arrange with the agent to sign the contract immediately and to pay the deposit. SoldOnline has an integrated electronic signing platform that the agent can elect to use.

With, we offer the fairest outcome for the highest bidder should the property auction not reach the reserve price. As the highest bidder, when the auction ends, you will immediately have the reserve price disclosed to you and you will receive 60 minutes of exclusive negotiating time to attempt to seal the deal.

Vendors and bidders are able to communicate with the real estate agent at any time during the auction process, and we would encourage this communication. Our system provides a longer period for people to seek advice from their agents and any other advisors. We do have a designated chat feature for bidders to communicate directly with the agent.