Online Property Auctions Perth - a great addition to the WA real estate market

It’s no secret that the Perth property market has experienced highs and lows in recent years. Now, however, investors from out of state and overseas are starting to fuel the Perth market, keen to take advantage of low house prices in the suburbs.

Online property auctions provide a fantastic mechanism to allow these out of city buyers the ability to bid on Perth Property. Real Estate property analysts are agreeing that when it comes to this capital city, new technologies and a fresh approach to the market such as SoldOnline will be welcome.

online property auctions perth

David Scholes, founder of SoldOnline created the platform after decades of experience as an award winning auctioneer. Designed as an addition to the real estate agent’s arsenal, the platform introduces online real estate auctions to the market. Across commercial, rural, industrial and residential online property auctions, the platform is a simple to use, effective and transparent way to sell real estate.

When you need a point of difference - online property auctions Perth

An increasing number of Perth real estate agents are embracing online property auctions as an exciting addition to their suite of offerings in a very competitive market. This gives them a significant point of difference and the ability to amplify the market reach for their vendors.

The real estate industry in Perth can be a crowded space. Offering clients a tool which widens their market, manages the auction process and provides a more metered approach to property sales adds to a positive profile for your agency.

Afterall, by listing with SoldOnline, you will be providing them with a safe, secure, transparent and effective way to auction properties.

A proven track record in online property auctions in Perth

SoldOnline has been responsible for the completion of many successful online auctions in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors with over 950 listed online property auctions. Vendors are enjoying the increased reach that online property auctions represent. In many cases, SoldOnline Perth properties have sold well above reserve and attracted significant numbers of interstate and international bidders.

Transparent - well managed and perfect for Perth

The benefits of online real estate property auctions in the Perth market are unprecedented.

Each weekend in Perth, there are dozens of onsite auctions held across the city. This can make it exceptionally difficult for buyers to attend all of the auctions they would like. Naturally, you can only be in one place at one time.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of online property auctions is that bidders can be anywhere in the world. This removes the challenge of getting bidders to onsite auctions or auction rooms.

Add to this, the fact that most onsite auctions take less than 10 minutes and you can see why Perth estate agents are warming to the idea of embracing online auctions which are conducted over a few days. This extra time ensures that bidders are able to bid in their own time zone and spend time finalising due diligence, deferring to advisors or confirming additional financing should the need arise.

The auction process is overseen by one of professional auctioneers, including David Scholes. These auctioneers meter the process, can apply different incremental bidding amounts and assist in the negotiation with prospective buyers. In fact, everything that professional auctioneers do during onsite real estate auctions!

A well measured approach to Perth’s property market

From end to end, the SoldOnline approach ensures that vendors, agents and bidders are comfortable, confident and relaxed about the process. Bidders are vetted and registered online and the bidding is transparent and well metered by our SoldOnline auctioneers.

As Perth property prices are expected to stabilise and then rise slowly, analysts believe that the market will see an increased amount of offshore and interstate purchasers. To assist your client’s leverage in this market, including online property auctions seems a wise decision for increased yields.