You can simply register as a watcher by providing your name, email and mobile number through our website. As a watcher, you can elect to become a bidder but you must allow sufficient time to complete the bidding registration process.

Any property owner wishing to obtain the best market-value price for their property can auction their property with us. All the normal rules of ownership proof apply, as with any sale.

Soldonline.com.au is subject to the same stringent laws that apply to every real estate auction in Australia. Our online auction process has been carefully designed, using years of experience in the property industry, to give the same protection and opportunity that vendors and bidders will experience in a traditional auction. It is backed by the extensive knowledge of one of Australia’s leading property auction experts.

Dummy bidding is against the law and severe penalties apply for engaging in this practice. It is the responsibility of the real estate agent to ensure they adequately qualify all parties prior to allowing them to register.

We ensure that all requirements of the legislation are adhered to from our end and further strengthen the security of this happening by logging IP addresses during the bidding process.

YES. Any property that is auctioned online through us is subject to the same stringent laws and rules as a normal auction under different state legislation. Once the virtual hammer falls, the same laws apply and both sellers and buyers are bound by the transaction.

After consultation with the vendors’, the agent uploads the agreed reserve price and starting bid through their dashboard. The vendors must approve those figures before the auction can commence. The reserve price remains confidential until such time as the bidding reaches it.

Once the property auction has reached the reserve price it is clearly indicated on both the Property Page and the Bidding Page. The property is now ‘on the market’ and bidders must understand that if they are successful, they are entering a legally binding contract. If you have registered to bid on the property you will receive an automatic notification via SMS and email that the reserve has been met.

Every bidder in an online auction through soldonline.com.au must choose their unique bidders’ number when they enter the bidding platform for the first time. All bids on our website are transparent and will be displayed alongside the relevant bidder number.

Every auction through soldonline.com.au has an advertised finish date and time. In order to end the auction, we require a clear 3 minute period of no bidding in order to ensure that all bidders have the chance to stay in the auction. If a bid is made within that 3 minute period, the auction end time will automatically extend by another 3 minutes. This will continue until there is a 3 minute period without any further bids.

At this point, the property will either be sold to the highest bidder or the highest bidder will begin a 60 minute exclusive negotiation period.

As we are an online platform based and hosted in NSW (data servers included), we rely upon the NSW Prescribed Conditions of Sale by Auction. When a bidder registers, they acknowledge that they are bound by our sites terms and conditions which incorporate the NSW auction conditions.

If, for any reason, you do not sign the contract and pay the deposit (or make alternate arrangements with the vendor’s agent) The auctioneer is empowered to sign the contract on your behalf. In most states of Australia, this will create a legally binding document and there may be further consequences applicable.

Soldonline.com.au is a robust website that is supported by outstanding levels of security and technology. In the unlikely event that the soldonline.com.au system fails during an auction, we will suspend the auction and reschedule the auction end-time, informing all bidders of the events and the new schedule.

Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. We believe it is good practice for bidders to have a fallback position where they can quickly authorise another party to resume the bidding on their behalf should they experience this problem.

As can happen with any property being sold at auction, sometimes the bidding does not reach the reserve price set by the vendor. If this happens, and you are the highest bidder, you will automatically have the sole right to pay the reserve price and secure the property. If no sale is secured in this way within 60 minutes, the agent will negotiate on behalf of the vendor with any other interested party.

At all auctions, the auctioneer may determine the amount of the bidding increment. The nominated agent of the property being auctioned determines the minimum increment that the auction may progress. Bidder’s may bid in larger amounts if they believe it is advantageous and the agents may reduce the minimum increment as the auction progresses.

NO. We suggest you organise a licensed real estate agent or at minimum link up with a do it yourself agency.

It is critical for agents to execute contracts as soon as practicable upon the fall of the virtual hammer. If the stakeholders are local, it can be as simple to organise a meet immediately after the auction concludes, however if any party is remotely located we recommend that agent’s employ an electronic signature platform to facilitate exchange. SoldOnline has an integrated electronic signature platform in conjunction with Annature.

Please refer to our pricing page.