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Online Auctions

With over 1,250 online auctions under our belts, SoldOnline has the maturity to generate outstanding auction results for your clients. Our platform is every agent’s key to managing the perfect online auction process.

Online Convenience
Powerful Tools
Maximum Flexibility
Realtime Data Intelligence

All the tools you need for succesful auctions

Easy Registration

Easy registration

Assist bidders to register easily, ensuring you have a ready-to-go audience and engaged prospects. By managing the registration process you’ll have an intimate understanding of what the market is looking for and levels of interest with bidders. Your bidders are able to register themselves online, reducing your workload too! All you need to do is to log on once your bidder has registered and approve their access.

Simple Management

Simple management

As an agent, so much of your time is spent sharing documents, sending emails and returning calls. With a SoldOnline auction, you can collect all necessary documents (inspection reports, contracts etc) all in one central location, saving time and money. You’ll also gain significant competitive advantage by being able to track bidder engagement on an unprecedented level.

Sound & Secure

Sound & secure

Your auction will take place in a secure digitised environment. You can easily access an audit trail that stores all the online auction records for future reference. SoldOnline online auctions represent not just the perfect way to auction, but a solid tool to grow your database too.

Simple Listings

Simple listings

You can upload property details in a few easy steps. You’ll have access to our branding kit too so you can maximise your potential audience and marketing campaign. Via your online dashboard, you can amend property details in a matter of moments. Pricing, auction timelines and communications are all within your scope.



As the agent, you are in a unique position to manage notifications to registered bidders, encourage higher rates of registration and even change the format of your client’s property sale. Eliminate a "Dutch Auction" when listing by private treaty. If you get great interest, don't work in the dark. Flick a switch and convert to a transparent, competitive online auction.

Intelligent Dashboard

Intelligent dashboard

Imagine having access to bidder information, auction movements, essential documentation all in one location. The SoldOnline dashboard gives you a higher level of management ability than ever before. You’ll see notifications and be able to set updates to nurture the sale process. Best of all, you’ll be reminded of any outstanding tasks you need to attend to during the campaign.

Selling a subdivision of land or multiple units?

Selling a subdivision of land or multiple units?

Our newly added unique Portfolio Sales Process has you covered. If you have multiple properties that would be of interest to multiple buyers, you can now list them in a portfolio. This means buyers only need to register once. They can then bid on multiple properties!


Monthly plans for Agencies of any size. No lock in contracts.

Online Private Treaty


Online offer process

Maximise transparency & trust

Sign & exchange online

Online Auction


Maximise reach & competition

Intuitive for all parties

Sign & exchange online

Online EOI

Coming Soon

Secure document storage

Easy access control

Maximum efficiency

Is SoldOnline legal and compliant?

The SoldOnline platform (Auctioneer Lic. 238350) is subject to the same stringent laws that apply to every Real Estate auction in Australia.

The platform is legally compliant as approved by ASIC and the Office of Fair Trading and all contracts generated from the platform are legally binding, providing the same protection and opportunity that vendors and bidders experience in a physical auction.

How do I start my free trial?

Simply click here to sign in and you can start listing properties in moments. Remember too that your free trial lasts for 1 calendar month from sign-up and allows you to sell up to three properties. At the end of your trial you will be notified and can decide to continue your monthly membership or opt out - no strings attached.

Can I stop membership at any time?

Yes, at any point in the cycle, you can cancel or pause your membership. Simply contact our administration team here.

I manage a few branches of real estate agencies - do I need a separate membership for each franchise?

No. As an administrator to several agencies, you need only register once and you will have the ability to manage different agencies listings.

Do your plans include GST?

All of our plans are quoted…

Can I keep track of what my sales managers are working on remotely?

Our suite of tools has been designed to cater for all levels of the property sales process. As an agency owner you can log in and track the performance of your agency’s current listings and take a bird’s eye view of your sales agents’ success.

My agency isn’t based in Australia - am I able to join?

Currently SoldOnline is an Australian property sales platform. Although buyers may come from anywhere in the world, right now we are structured only for Australian property sales. As an overseas agent you are welcome to list properties for EOI or private treaty, but will need to ensure that sales comply with your territory.