Property Auction Pricing


$99 - $199* per auction

Expires 30th June, 2020

'No Brainer' pricing to make it easy for vendors and agents to experience selling property via our online auction platform.

* $99 for Reserve prices < $300,000  |  $199 for Reserve prices $300,000+

Platform auctioneer included, however you may BYO auctioneer also. This special will expire 30th June, 2020 and we will revert back to our normal pricing. Don’t miss out!

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Reserve Price less than


Reserve Price


Platform Auctioneer

$199$99 $349 $199

BYO Auctioneer

$249$99 $399$199

Prices Include GST

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Platform Auctioneer


  • Get the benefit of decades of auction experience when you utilise a platform Auctioneer from SoldOnline.
  • A licenced auctioneer will review your settings once uploaded, assist in setting auction parameters such as reserve price and personally oversee your auction once live.
  • While it's optional, most clients prefer this added service.

BYO Auctioneer

  • Some agencies have in-house or preferred auctioneers they use. If this is you, then you are welcome to bring your own (BYO) auctioneer.
  • The BYO option attracts lower fees when specials do not apply.
  • The auctioneer will be provided with a separate auctioneers login so they can perform all of the necessary tasks required.


- All prices include GST

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