SoldOnline nudges close to $20 million worth of sales in 48 hours

A trifecta of successful auctions has seen virtual online auction house SoldOnline reach a massive $19.410 million worth of property sales in a space of only two days.

A 65,513-acre beef and sheep property, 60km south of Blackall in Western Queensland called “Listowel Downs”, was sold for $12.6 million, a  four-bedroom, charming family home in Sydney’s fringe suburb of Annandale was sold for $2,105,000 and a 930.5-acre property in Jimbour East, Queensland, recorded a phenomenal auction result of $4,705,000, exceeding the reserve of $4,280,000 by $425,000.

The three significant sales reflect SoldOnline’s versatility and continued strength in the market.

David Scholes, auctioneer and founder at SoldOnline, says that virtual online auction has struck again as the go-to platform for innovative and dynamic property auctions.

“We are going from strength to strength on the depth and breadth of property sold on our platform.  From trendy suburban homes in Sydney, beach side properties in NSW to regional Queensland blocks of land, SoldOnline uses clever technology to captivate bidders from around Australia.  It is exciting times in the Australian property market.”

“We need more proactive and gutsy agents who won’t rest on their laurels, but rather use online innovations such as ours to continue generating strong sales results for their vendors.

“Agents willing to shake the cobwebs off old school selling techniques can reinvigorate the Australian real estate market, while guiding vendors and buyers to new and exciting platforms to transact property sales online. 

“The formula is working for us, here at SoldOnline. Vendors are comfortable listing online, buyers are willing to spend large sums of money online and agents can coordinate the entire transaction, without leaving their (home) offices. The feedback shows that vendors and agents are extremely happy with what SoldOnline has to offer.  Covid-19 should not be the only catalyst in the migration online. If agents want to stay relevant now and in the future, this is the platform to help take them there.  It is already fast-becoming the essential tool for the Australian property industry.

“SoldOnline is ready to take on more properties, giving agents the invaluable guidance, who need to educate their vendors towards getting the best outcome.  The answer is SoldOnline.”

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