CEO of CI Australia On Online Property Auctions

With 44 years of experience in the industry, covering commercial, industrial, and retail real estate, Andrew Hunter, CEO CI Australia said he’s never seen anything like SoldOnline before, and now he can’t imagine the business without it. 

“We were required to assist clients who wished to sell properties that were geographically dispersed. It meant we had two options when it came to auctions – hosting them in the regional town, or attempting CBD in-room auctions.”

Andrew quotes, “Both have significant challenges. Those that didn’t want to travel, or couldn’t, simply missed out, which meant not every interested buyer had a fair chance of being at the auction, let alone winning it. 

Virtual Online auctions are immensely convenient, with no barriers. We have found they enable maximum reach and appeal of the property, which is a win for vendor and buyer. The probity is also exceptional, and there’s a level of transparency that is simply not there offline. “

Andrew also goes on to say, “The results have been really good for us, and we’ve found that SoldOnline is a really encouraging and engaging tool. For example, as the clock winds down, people get that sense of excitement, and it’s a hive of activity. 

“Technology underpins so much of what we can now achieve in daily life, and this technology has shifted the way we will auction forever, and what we can deliver to our customers. 

We have had interstate buyers purchase – you can’t do that with an onsite auction, or in-room auctions and everyone that has used SoldOnline alongside us has loved it – from both sides of the fence.”

“For us, SoldOnline has also added a layer of analytics and data to our business, which is the way CI Australia is going. Innovation is key to our growth and the future of real estate transactions. 
Our success with SoldOnline is obvious through our sale numbers, but also in achieving over reserve prices.”

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